Basics of Mastering 3D Fashion Design in Augmented Reality

Virtually trying-out your own customised 3D design

what you’ll learn

  • How to virtually try shoes on
  • Customizing 3D designs to your own style
  • Virtually trying out 3D design in Augmented reality.


  • Mac / Windows
  • Cinema 4D (30days free)
  • Daz3D (free)
  • Lens Studio (free)


Welcome to the Basics of Mastering 3D Fashion Design in Augmented Reality course, where you will learn: 

  • basics of easy 3D modelling
  • customising 3D designs to your own style
  • virtually trying out 3D design in Augmented reality.

My name is Mourad, Founder of Mountain Collective. I will be leading you through this journey.

I began my career years ago as a 3D Artist, working with big brands such as NIKE and TOMMY HILFIGER.

Shortly after I transitioned into new technologies and founded Mountain Collective 2020, in the same year, we were invited to showcase our work at Brussels Fashion Week 2020.

We designed this course for students that want to expand there current skills or entrepreneurs that want to sell 3D and digital collections.

We look forward to see you inside! 

Who this course is for:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Entrepreneur in the fashion sector
  • 3D Designers

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