Illustrator CC 2020 for beginners: Basics & Tricks

Familiarize with Adobe illustrator and get to know the the essentials

  • be familiar with Adobe illustrator and know the fundamentals of the program
  • illustrator document creation
  • Artboards
  • basic geometric shapes
  • path finder panel & shape builder tool
  • stroke & color panels
  • Appearance panel & creating effects
  • Type & character control
  • Creating paragraphs
  • pen & brush tools
  • drawing modes
  • clipping & opacity masking
  • handling images in illusrator


  • Adobe illustrator ( recent version is preferable )


Adobe Illustrator is a very powerful application and it’s the standard vector application in the design field.

& if you are new to illustrator this course could be a great intro for you to get familiar and know the basics of this program from scratch all the way to get you to know about the important tools & panels and the main mechanism of how to operate this application easily and do most of the common regular design work you might be thinking of.

the best way for you if you are completely new to illustrator is to watch each lecture then start applying right away on your illustrator and keep the lecture nearby to refer to any step if needed. 

hope you enjoy this course and feel free to contact me for any support.

Who this course is for:

  • people interested in design or Art
  • or want to do their own business designs
  • interested in creating illustrations & vector arts

Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator for beginner

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