Interior design: A course full of design secrets & mystery

Learn to Interpret space and enhance the way we live today using colour, layout, elements, lighting, furniture & fabric

  • An overview of interior as a career and basic activities carried by them in day to day life.
  • Designing with colors: color psychology.
  • Key aspects of designing: fundamentals of design.
  • Make a statement with style.
  • Acknowledge the process carried while designing a space
  • Select the collective materials used in each of the core styles
  • Essence of light :layering lights with interior
  • Bill of quantities: costing and estimation
  • Vastushastra for residential & commercial spaces


  • No, there is no prerequisites needed
  • Come and engage yourself and watch reflection of you in every dimension.


How about learning ways that makes people’s eyes not settle at one .Adding an element of calm & space that soothes the soul.Incorporating bold & vibrant colours that inhabits memories & enrich lives.

You are here to put your screws at the right place.

This course  curate an overview of interior as a discipline .We let the applicants built their ability to visualise the plans and transform their ideas from being mere drawings drawn over a piece of paper into reality . This course would guide you to  develop concept, space planning, site inspections, programming, research & foremost important communicating with the stakeholders with knowledge driven confidence.

“Make a statement with style” Is the core aim of this course.

Also , you would be able to identify what is your core style, exploring   different types & categories of finishes and material . This course is what a designer must know.

Let this course fuel your affinity towards fine designs , your creativity so as to built a healthier aesthetically pleasing environment for people using space.

Let’s come to terms to finally settle and educate our fresh yet fierce minds  with the in & outs of interior design Lets learn to find aesthetics. Lets curate worth.Lets flourish, you shake grip n lock.

  • Objective of interior design & role of designers
  • Dimension to style your dream,
  • Understand what to consider when designing other commercial layouts & spaces
  • All basic consideration while design a space.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is appropriate and could be supreme choice for all those who wants to know the basics of interior designing and identify what there core style is.
  • Everything a designer must know, this course will help you to stand apart from other’s.
  • Make difference with your styling, is the aim of this course

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