Mastering With Google+Facebook Ads From Beginner To Pro 2021

How To set up google ads and facebook ads

  • Facebook+Google Ads Mastery(Avoiding Common Mistakes)
  • Ad beginners will be ad experts after this course
  • How to set up adsHow to Advertise expertly with facebook ads
  • How to Advertise expertly with google ads


  • 1-You should have a laptop
  • 2-You should have a stable internet connection


In this course,you will learn:

– Step by step training with paid ads

– Pros & Cons of google and Facebook ads

– How to set up campaigns

– How to configure Google ads

– How to configure Facebook ads

– How to advertise expertly with Google ads

– How to Advertise expertly with Facebook ads

– How to promote the product with all specifications

– How to setup ads

– What should be included and what not in ads.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner advertisers who are curious to know about google+facebook ads
  • Absolute beginners for online marketing


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